Thursday, January 10, 2013

Take the Day Off

This is the time of season when an occasional day off is a good idea.

Today we had no practice, and then took the team down to Olivet to see the Tigers play St. Xavier.  Unfortunately, the game was a downer, as SXU controlled the tempo, and played at good 1-3-1... something ONU has seen before from the Cougars, but tonight just didn't handle as well.

But it was nice to hear our girls comment, "They need to penetrate better!" or "They didn't cover the lag there."  Maybe we are gaining some awareness, but for sure we are going to be refreshed tomorrow and going into our game Saturday versus Augustana.

I've been an assistant of teams where the head coach would destroy the players after a loss, but sometimes the answer is to correct the problems, and move on.  It is all too easy to demoralize a team after a loss by calling a 5 a.m. workout or going for three hours, or just running them into the ground. 

Have I mentioned that, sometimes, "less is more"?

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