Sunday, January 6, 2013

Learning Curve

92 FGAs
53 Threes
37% ORBs
28 TOs
+11 Shots

So much for press variations.  When the opponent shreds your press and shoots layups all night, it doesn't really matter if you are using "On," "Off," or "Slow Trapping."  Seems we were "Slow Pressing" tonight and my guess is that either Wheaton is one of the better passing teams we've played this year, or we were fatigued following a long week without rest.  Probably both.

We did look a step slow all night and this gave our opponent time to move the ball quickly from spot to spot before we could set our traps.  They finished very well too (54% FG) to their credit, but we didn't help matters by shooting very poorly ourselves: 18-92, 19.6 % from the field, and 9-53 17% from the arc.)  Our performance was uncharacteristically tentative, and we seemed to have a mental block, forgetting much that we thought we'd mastered already about System execution.

But these things happen.  I hope it's a one-time occurance and that we will get rested and back on track Wednesday vs. Elite 8 opponent Carthage College on Wednesday.  In any case, it's a reminder that the System isn't an automatic guarantee of success... like any other style of play, without good effort and good execution it doesn't work very well. 

And, unfortunately, one reason that many coaches try the System and then give up on it is that when you lose, you can lose badly at times.  But that's part of the deal, part of the painful learning curve.  At one point late in the game Michelle turned to me on the bench and asked, "Did this ever happen to you at Olivet?"

"Sure," I answered, "but it still doesn't feel very good."

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