Sunday, December 16, 2012

My Favorite Goal

NCC 110- Dominican 68
102 FGAs
45 Threes
46% ORBs
43 TOs
+40 Shots

Versus a struggling Dominican team, we nevertheless had a quality outing.  Earlier in the week when we defeated a weak MSOE squad, we didn't feel as good about the win, but at least we are scoring some points now, and the reason is...

Rebounding and turnovers.  Of course.  As I've mentioned many times, there's no more important stat in System basketball than offensive rebounding, and you know a good performance when you see it unfolding, even before looking at the stat sheet.  Players are flying to the boards on every shot, tenacious in their efforts to outhustle opponents to every loose ball. 

The 110 points--pulling the press with 10 minutes to go--and our 102 FGAs (both new team records) were the most significant indications of how much better we rebounded and played defense this game, as each ORB and forced TO results in one more shot for our side.  We also reduced our fouling, with DU shooting only 18 three throws, and that kept the game moving, which led to meltdown, which led to extra shots, etc.

It felt really good to get a quality win under our belts, and as I glanced back over the stat sheet just now, I can see why it felt so satisfying.  We met my very favorite non-Formula goal...

All seventeen players scored.

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