Tuesday, October 16, 2012

First Practice

Our first workout is in the can, and here are some initial impressions.

  1. First, this was a blast.  I told a coaching friend at lunch today how glad I am that I decided to do this.  Starting over with a new team is a challenge and very exciting.  In only two days I can already see them improving before my eyes.
  2. The players seem to be in slow-motion right now.  Now, don't get me wrong... they are trying very hard!  But they are not yet "hardwired."  They have a lifetime of tempo-habits to overcome, and are used to playing for much longer stretches, which means they are used to pacing themselves for that interval.  We are all about short bouts, which allow (and require) maximum effort. It's the difference between "striding" and really sprinting.  And the biggest thing I notice when I watch another coach's first-year system team is that they (and possible the coach, too) don't yet understand how fast the tempo really needs to be.  How do you evaluate tempo?  Ask yourself constantly:  Are they really sprinting, or are they just striding (or even jogging?)  Players claim to prefer running to playing a ball-control style, but most of them start to coast when confronted with how hard it really is to sprint every time!  So keep pushing them, and KEEP BOUTS SHORT!  We never go more than one "cycle" (one down-and-back)at a time before stopping and resetting and/or rotating groups in and out in practice, otherwise they will start to pace themselves, which is the death of system tempo.
  3. It looks really raw right now, and I guess I didn't realize how complex the offensive movement can seem to a beginning system player.  But I also know that "Rome wasn't built in a day," and I'm totally confident they will get better every day as they learn to just react and stop thinking so much.  Right now their heads are spinning, but we will stick with the breakdown drills and 5/0 and 5/5 drills until they assimilate the stuff.  Then, one day, they'll be able to quit thinking and just react!
Here is a copy of our first workout for those who are interested.  Sorry if the abbreviations might seem confusing at first, but if you have our book or DVDs you can probably put together what we are doing.

Practice #1, Monday                                                                                                
October 15, 2012                                                                                                                   

EMPHASIS:      Fast Break after a Rebound; Early & Middle Break; ORB rules, Swing Entry
                        Cardinal’s Nest (Team talk)

6:00-6:15         WARMUP
                        Elbow Layups, Laybacks                     Sweep below knees, 3-step layup, protect ball
                        Dynamic Warmup

6:15-6:35       SHOOTING
                        Partner Passing; Hop 3s
                        5x20 Threes*                                      6 groups of 3; Start at right Fade

6:35-7:00       TRANSITION
                        FC Figure 8
                        TC Options                                          ORB rules; Early Break: 1-4; 1-2; 1-3Middle Break:  
                                                                                      Rim-Post-Pitch-Drag-Trail- Dribble Out      

7:00-7:10       GROUPS
                        4-Spot Downscreen                            Intro, then work at both ends
                        HC 5/0  Swing Entry & Continuity
                        Water Break

7:10-7:45         TEAM OFFENSE
                        5/0 Break (½ Cycle)                            After RB by 5; by wing; into Early-MiddleBreak
                        5/2/2 Break                                        Three groups; No Inbounds; Shoot off FIRST PASS!
                        5/5 Blockout                                       1 Cycle, 3 groups; Explain Inbounds
7:45-                COMPETIVE SHOOTING









  1. What is better your book or DVDs if I am going to install everything and has BREAKDOWN drills for everything?

  2. DVDs might give a better overall picture just because you can see live game clips and drills.